Will Live in STL’s KSDK Show me St. Louis
Cold War Country: Live 2011 courtesy of Eric Lemmo
Kickstarter Campaign for 21st Century LIfe
The Midwest Harmonium promo video 2012
Halloween Show 2019 at the Duckroom- Beauty in the Wreckage
Will and Kev play Let America Crumble live at Planet Score Records
Will and Kev play Dead Drunk at Pretty live at the Stone Spiral in Maplewood, MO
Teach me to Die at the Duckroom 2012
Will and Kev Play Tonight the Highway live at Planet Score Records
American Trash live at Eastside Tavern in 2011
A guy asked for help with a Senior Project at Mizzou…I think?
What Erika Tompkins requests…she receives. Here is the Frustrated Bachelors “classic” Flores Para Los Muertos
Hawks…God Bless Leon Russell
The Midwest Harmonium by request!
Dead Drunk and Pretty upon request from the amazing folks at Arena Bar