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SUNRISE/SUNSET split EP available Saturday September 18th…COOPFEST 5

Saturday September 18th is gonna be one for the books! Our split EP with our friends Flossie Lee and the Betties will be available at COOPFEST 5 down at Cooper’s Landing South of Columbia, MO.


Ruth Acuff 1pm- 1:45

Old Doc Jones and the Crooked River Choir 2-2:45

Flossie Lee and the Betties 3- 3:45

Katie Jo and The Lawn Darts 4-4:45

River Ghost Revue 5-5:45

Tim Carey and the Ridgerunners 6-6:45

Fox Teeth 7:7:45

Ok Samaritan 8-8:45

Money for Guns 9pm-10pm

COVID protocols. All attendees and artists must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of the event if you are not already fully vaccinated.


A pandemic, 2 children being born, a rambling keys player and general life slowed our public life a bit these past 14 months, but there is some MFG on the horizon

First, we have solidified Saturday September 18th as the date for Coopfest 5 live again at Cooper’s landing! The lineup is still TBD, but we shall keep you posted.

Second, our live documentary filming has also been rescheduled to October 9th at the Focal Point in Maplewood, MO.

Third, we owe you some new tunes! We are more than overly excited to announce plans for a fall release of a split EP with our sisters in arms Flossie Lee and the Betties. Tentatively titled Sunrise/Sunset, the EP is slated for release in September.

Fourth, due to our youthful love of what Kev calls “country tonk” we will be kicking out another EP in the back end of 2021 titled “Tonkin’ Bout Love.” Songs slated for this include such gems as “The Best of Nightmares,” “Tonkin’ Bout Love,” “6am 6 Sheets to the Wind,” “Concrete Over my Grave,” and “Too Much Whiskey Too Much Wine.”

Fifth and finally, 2022 will be the year we finally issue our full length follow up to 2018’s The Subterranean Sessions. No title yet, but the bulk of the songs are written and will be piecemeal recorded over the next 12 months.

So that’s it, that’s the list…keep your ears tuned to your favorite music streaming site and on The Tony Kornheiser Show for when Nigel puts us on. Until then enjoy yourself some songs about St. Louis… (just click the photo 🙂 )



Coopfest 4 is here in the form of Coopfest The Movie! Though we couldn’t be on the river at Cooper’s Landing this year, we were able to get together with some of our favorite musical friends to keep the Coopfest tradition alive in 2020!

Film by Robert Watson of Digital HQ Motion Media

The Back Catalog is Getting Deep!


Well friends it has been a minute. We filmed four songs for the Isolation Sessions, had some fun together on Zoom, and have written about 15 songs that are just awaiting some kinks to be tossed aside and a recording studio to be booked. As of now it looks as though 2020 will keep us from the studio, but 2021 better watch out.

As of today Coopfest is still on! If anything changes we will let you know. See your faces soon.



Money for Guns Documentary Filming

Hey friends, Here at MFG HQ we are heeding the guidance of the doctors and scientists and are postponing this show and filming. We have worked with the awesome folks at The Focal Point and were able to find a Saturday in November. We hope you spend an amazing autumn evening with us.



On Saturday November 7th, along with Columbia, MO Filmmaker Robert Watson, we will be filming our live concert at the Focal Point in Maplewood, MO. Seating will begin at 7:15 with the concert to start at 8pm.

RSVP and purchase tickets now!

River Ghost Revue will open up the night with a 30 minute set followed by us. We will play 15 songs, take some audience questions, and crack wise. The film is slated for release this fall.

“Besides being the best Missouri rock and roll album I have heard in years, American Trash is the best-sounding rock and roll album I’ve heard anywhere in a while. ” ― Sugarbuzz Magazine

“it approximates the sound of nervous energy barely kept in check; of anxiety and frustration and lust bubbling just beneath the surface and threatening to boil over.” ― The Columbia Tribune

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